Support DatabaseCategory: EmailHow can I stop spam coming into my inbox?
Colin Staff asked 2 years ago
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Blackbudget Staff answered 2 years ago

We offer spam filtering on our servers, ensuring that unwanted mail never even reaches your email client.
To turn spam filtering on:

  1. Log into your Control Panel
  2. Click ‘Junk Mail Filters’
  3. Select an email address to protect, or protect a domain name
  4. Choose to forward the spam to a particular mailbox, mark the subject as spam, put them into a spam folder, or to delete them automatically
  5. Click ‘Update’
  6. Your junk mail filter will be activated

Please remember that no junk mail system is fool proof, and some real messages will end up marked as spam.  Therefore, we recommend creating a ‘Spam’ folder, then checking it regularly to see if non-spam messages have been placed into the folder.
Also, the volume of spam email being sent out changes day to day – by quite a large amount.  If you suddenly see an increase in the amount of spam you are receiving, it is likely that it is just a general increase in the amount of spam being sent out by spammers.